Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Buck's Harbor

I saw that the stars were out in the wee hours so I got up for a look. Climbing the stairs into the cockpit the first thing I noticed was that the water was full of stars! I saw the Big Dipper reflected in the perfectly still water on my left. On my right was the Milky Way. I went out on the deck to see the full sky and the stars seemed to be too many to count. Once again I could see the Milky Way all the way to the horizon. At this time of the month the moon is new so it was not out to hamper viewing. In a couple of weeks the moon will be full and the sky will not be as dark but then the full moon has its own attractions.
Even though the wind was out of the southeast, there was no fog but the temperatures took a drop with the wind from over the cold ocean waters in the 60s. Once we motored out and took a turn for Eggemoggin Reach, we sailed the rest of the way. We had intended to drop our anchor at Benjamin River but contrary to our cruising guide, it was full of moorings. We continued onward and it started to rain so we decided to pick up a mooring at Buck's Harbor. It's the 8th of August but we saw one house with a wood fire (you can see the smoke if you look closely). Ann's father said that he liked to visit Maine in July because August tended to be cold (on the way to fall). Hopefully the Maine summer isn't entirely over yet! July was warm but I didn't think that August would be so different.

As we grilled Fillet Mignon on the back of the boat, a windjammer came in and anchored. They startled the anchorage when they fired a cannon at sunset. They seemed to be having fun given all the celebrating on board. Onward to Mackerel Cove tomorrow.