Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rockland - The Mehaffeys Leave

After the front came through, the skies cleared, full sun came out in the morning and the winds were still with us. It was a little chilly at 55F so I ran the heater to warm up the cabin. However, with the full sun up, it warmed up outside rapidly. We cast off and headed south with the wind directly behind us out of the harbor, about 15 to 20 kts. We put out a reefed jib and made 6 to 7 kts. Once we turned the corner and headed directly south we put up more sail in a broad reach for the next 20 miles. Ann hit 8.5 kts on the GPS with averages between 7.5 and 8.0. We all took our turns at the wheel to try matching the 8.5! We made 8.0 to 8.3 in the gusts and then settled back to 7.5 in a steady wind. There was not a hint of fog and it seemed like you could see forever, in fact, it seemed like a crisp fall day which I suppose it was for Maine in late August. We could see that it was time to head back home, summer was coming to a close in Maine. The photo is of the lighthouse at Rockland on the mile long breakwater.

First though, we had dinner at Peter Ott's to celebrate our 41th anniversary. They take great care with their food, everything is always good. Plus, they had a salad bar with an excellent selection. Afterwards we walked by the harbor as the sun set admiring the windjammers and all the boats.