Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mackerel Cove on Swan Island

Since the Bunches were leaving today, the sun came up and warmed the cockpit in a cloudless, blue sky! On top of that we had a 10 to 15 kt west wind with no fog, perfect for sailing. Ann had a send-away breakfast of blueberry pancakes and Don and Liz headed south to their next vacation at Kennebunk (never too many vacations...) before the next one after that on a barge in Europe.
After another load of wash and restocking with groceries, we set sail for Mackerel Cove. The air was warm and the winds steady as we tacked back and forth towards our anchorage. I might add that the lobster pots were thick in that area and we hooked a couple but they slid off the rudder without a problem. We don't have a wing keel like on our old boat the Ericson which used to hook pots and not let go. Everybody must have heard about the west winds since our anchorage had half a dozen boats present but there's lots of room and we still had our favorite spot open, way in. It's peaceful now with 6 kt winds. We'll head further west tomorrow to Carver Cove to prepare to the arrival of the Mehaffeys on Tuesday.