Thursday, August 9, 2007

Southwest Harbor - We Stay and Extra Day

The nice thing about a cruise with no deadlines is that you can spend and extra day somewhere if you want to without having to "catch up" later on, great! The winds last night were something else. We were on a Hinckley mooring with the wind out of the north which meant that we saw the entire fetch of Somes Sounds coming into the anchorage. With winds topping 30 kts during the night, it was quite rocky. As the sun rose, the winds were still around 25 to 28 kts. The trip in to do laundry was fine on the way in but the way out to the boat was very interesting with the 1 to 2 foot rollers coming in. With that we decided to stay an extra day and enjoy the warmer weather with temperatures in the 70's and low humidity. We had collected some mildew in the lower part of the lockers from the constant 90 to 95% humidity of the foggy days so we dried everything out today.

Hinckley maintains nine berths for servicing boats and anybody can come in if there's room for diesel, gas, water or any other service. The docks are first class as you would expect of Hinckley with oversized blue fenders end to end around every dock so you don't even need fenders, plus they are spotlessly clean. I thought it might be interesting to see what Hinckley charges for yard work so I copied their rate sheet. Someone also posted a note on what they thought would be a reasonable requirement for welfare (see photos). The tidal range also took some getting used to (12 ft!), be very careful if you put your dinghy on land, you may have a long haul back to water! We enjoyed yet another great sunset and grilled chicken on the back of the boat while watching schooners sail by and admiring the Hinckley yachts nearby, what a life!