Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hi it's me Matt. Today I had breakfast and then I went swimming with the silversides. The silversides are small fish. Some really big fish were after them too. I got to scrub the dink too. Then Nama and I got to go to the beach. There were some big waves at the beach. Then Nana went swimming with me off the back of the boat. I also swam 86 feet around the boat. Then we had spaghetti and sausage. THE END TO Mom: People do live on the Block year long.

A nice day all around. Matthew swam off the back of the boat, at the beach, off the back of the boat, etc. - busy, busy, busy.... Block seemed to empty out some, I guess Wednesday is a slow day here. I still couldn't see any empty moorings but we're far from the main cluster so I could have missed a few. We off to Stonington tomorrow and, guess what, more swimming for Matthew.