Monday, August 27, 2007

Newport, RI - 25 Mile Sail!

Hi it is me Matt. Today I had breakfast and I went swimming. Then we left Cuttyhunk. The water was rough and I got seasick. It got calmer and we keep sailing all the way to Newport. Grandpa and Nana tried to find a toy store but it was closed. Then we had tacos for dinner.

On Monday morning, ice was a priority! The refrigerator is kaput! However, we still have the insulated freezer and refrigerator as well as the ice chest we took along for use when we had guests aboard so all we needed was ice. Well, Cuttyhunk doesn't wake up until around 11:00 am so we took off without the ice, hoping everything would stay cool enough until we arrived at Newport.

The winds were great today off the aft starboard quarter and we sailed the entire 25 miles to Newport. One crew member got sick (Matthew) when he paid too much attention to his Gameboy but he felt better once he used the aft swimdeck! As we neared land, the seas calmed and we glided on. We had called ahead to reserve a mooring at Jamestown but was told the cost would be $75/night - rather high! With that we headed for Newport instead and picked up a mooring for $45, still high but less high than Jamestown. The ride into town on the launch is now $6 per person roundtrip, also rather high since we have to make multiple trips with Lance. There were the typical super yachts in abundant evidence.

I first called the Newport dealer for Alder-Barbour and he said me might be able to get to me sometime next week! Big help he was! In calling the Alder-Barbour national rep later I learned that the unit I have was designed 20 years ago and is no longer made. He's to give me a call back on whether they can braze an adopter on the coil in the freezer so I can reuse that part. Otherwise, it's a custom made new unit! Oh the pleasures of boating.

Tomorrow we're headed for Block Island since Matthew likes to swim off the back of the boat about as well as anything and Block is excellent for that. We plan on anchoring out instead of getting a mooring.
Follow our progress at Return Trip.


Anonymous said...

It looks to me like you guys aren't having any fun at all,it's high time come a shore.
Sarah wants you to know she loves Matthew forever.
Daddy's say " hope your having a fun time,and how goes the model.
Sarah has one more question for matthew,How is your ship buliding going?

Not sure but maybe the luner eclaspes had something to do with your amazing sunset.
We are all looking forward to seeing you on sat.
love mom