Saturday, August 4, 2007

Southwest Harbor - We Pick up Richard

Richard is Ann's cousin and we picked him today in Southwest Harbor. We sailed all the way from Mackarel Cove and the wind piped up to 20 kts entering Western Way, a great ride! I had a load of updating to do for my blog so Ann and Richard dropped me off at the library (they have WiFi) while they went for supplies. However, the library was closed! Luckily, they don't shut off the WiFi when they close up shop so I sat in the entrance way and did my blog and other internet business for 1.5 hours.

Dinner that night was at Beal's Lobster Pound and it was outstanding! Entering the front door you first see a selection of lobster tanks starting with the smallest at 1.5 lbs and the largest at 2.5 lbs. You pick out the lobster you want and they put it in a net for cooking. We had lobster the previous night so Ann and I just had a lobster roll which consisted of all the meat from a 1.25 lb lobster, it was packed with meat. Richard had a 2.5 lb lobster and 2 lbs of steamers! The lobsters came fully cracked so you didn't need the nut crackers to get the meat out. The evening ended with a very nice sunset and a promise of better weather tomorrow.