Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rockland - On the Way Home

Once out of the Fox Island Thorofare, we had a great sail with 10 to 15 kt winds, full sunshine and warm weather. Ann sat in her "throne" and sailed the boat with the autopilot, dodging lobster pots along the way. Once in the marina, we found that the Maine boat show was still going on until 4:00 pm so we walked over to see what they had. We found the perfect, small sailboat for the Zeisings (see photo). It was beautifully crafted in wood. Ann found a pair of fleece lined slippers without a hard sole which are very hard to fine otherwise (the commonly available ones always have a hard sole). Off to dinner at "The Landings" we saw a Maine ad tolling the virtues of lobster. Sitting on the back of our boat looking out over the bay we saw hawks diving for fish within 100 feet of the boat, what a sight! A seal popped his head up for a look at all the commotion too. One of the things I like about Rockland is that I have a full internet connection through Verizon there, hurrah!