Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sawyer CoveWe awoke to fog as usual but it burned off by 9:00 am and we started out after lunch towards Sawyer Cove in Blue Hill Bay. The sky was blue but we only have 5 to 10kts out of the south which was the way we were headed so we sailed but only made about 3 to 5 kts until we finally sucummed and motored the rest of the way. The scenery was fantastic with the clear, blue sky and the mountains in the distance. We found Sawyer Cove empty of anchored boats so we had our pick of anchoring spots. It's a pretty anchorage but there's no place to take Lance except a reef that covered a high tide so we had to time Lance's trips. We heard the sound of a Loon and Ann spotted it in the distance. It's a very strange, lonely sound.