Monday, August 6, 2007

Back to Mackarel Cove on Swans Island

We discovered that our anchorage was a crossroad for lobster boats with the first one coming at 4:00 am! There was a steady stream until about 7:00 am from Stonington when they started to slack off. Although it was a beautiful anchorage, a lobster boat can kick up a pretty good wake. There's no lobstering on Sundays so perhaps the best time to use the St Helena anchorage is on a Saturday night. When we were weighing anchor a lobster boat did two complete 360 turns around our boat in the process of picking up two lobster pots. That caused a few bouncy moments! He waved (?!)

The weatherman forecasted a front coming through with associated wind and rain from the SW so we headed for our favorite anchorage when good protection is desired, Mackarel Cove. We sailed all the way until we entered the Mackarel Cove passage. We have an anchor spot mapped out that we use that's close to shore near some moorings. As a result, we've never found other boats as close to shore as "our spot" and it was open again today. It's in 10 feet of water at low and free of hazards with excellent holding in mud. Once your anchor is set, you never have to worry about it again. Luckly since the predicted front came through around 7:00 pm and we did a 360 but had no problems in holding with the Maine mud securing the anchor (I'd hate to cruise in Maine without a washdown pump for the chain!) The rest of the night was calm.