Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Southwest Harbor - Richard Leaves

Richard had to get back to Southwest Harbor today since he was due back at work on Thursday. The weather was not good with a dense fog in Sawyer Cove but we set out anyway, heading south. Once out of the harbor the fog thickened and I paid careful attention to the radar and fog signals (one, three second blast every two minutes). Noting that the current was running from left to right, I was careful to pass the colored lobster buoy on the port side since the toggle is not aways visible and is often underwater. The underwater line between the toggle and the main buoy is just at the right depth to be caught on your rudder or, worse yet, on your prop so you do not want to pass between a toggle and a buoy. We wobbled our way south dodging lobster pots but didn't see Southwest Harbor until we saw the outermost mooring balls, some fog! Off loading Richard's luggage we were all in full rain gear (it was raining heavily) so we at least stayed dry inside, everything else got wet! I think the high today was 65.
Since it was our last day with Richard, we decided to once again eat at Beal's Lobster Pond. Ann and I feasted on 1.5 lb lobsters and 2 lbs of steamers, none better. With all that rich living, we just snacked for dinner that night.The weather is supposed to turn nice on Thursday with full sunshine, promises, promises...