Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boothbay Harbor - A Work Day

Being on a boat for extended periods of time requires maintenance chores. I changed the engine oil yesterday, always a fun project. Today I replaced the fuel filter on the Panda genset and discovered that all I had to do was unscrew the old filter and screw on the new one. I didn't have to fill the new filter with diesel since I found out that the electric fuel pump fills it automatically. Knowing that would have save me several hours the last time I changed the filter. Also had to clean the knotmeter, there's some seaweed floating around and strands can stop the knotmeter paddlewheel. I put a fan in the main cabin in anticipation of hotter days as we had south, haven't needed one so far with highs only in the 70's.

Boothbay Harbor is very compact but there's a lot of activity. There's three whale watching boats that go out twice a day and we plan on taking one on Friday. There's sailboats for people to ride (see photo), lobster boats, tour boats, etc. You can just sit on the back of your boat and watch the world go by.

Of course with all that hard work one has to eat so we had a lobster roll at the Boothbay Lobster Wharf, it was packed with meat, excellent. The next stop was back to town to listen to music on the green. It was a great evening with temperatures in the 70's and friendly people, everyone wanted to pet Lance.
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