Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gloucester, MA - Where "Perfect Storm" happened

Gloucester is first and foremost a fishing village. Huge fishing vessels come and go all the time. At one point on the way in we were surrounded by six shrimp boats dragging lines. They were about a mile apart so we were okay but I steered clear of them just the same. The first thing you see coming up to Cape May where Gloucester is located was the twin lighthouses. I don't know why they have two, it would seem that one would be enough. The harbor itself is quite compact and densely populated with fishing boats. We had reserved a mooring ($25/night) since Gloucester is one of the few places that accept reservations for a mooring. By 4:00 pm all the moorings were gone. We saw one lobster boat go by that was VERY popular with the local seagulls (see photo). You had trouble seeing the boat it was so covered with gulls.

After eating out several nights, we grilled lamb chops on the back of the boat - back to basics on the food! It's been a little rich the last few days. We never tire of the sunsets since we seldom see them back home due to the high trees all around. Tomorrow we're on the move again with a good forecast, perhaps we can sail, we've motored the last two days due to light winds.
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