Sunday, August 19, 2007

August 19 - Portland, ME

We started out today with the intention of anchoring out but the traveling weather was so good that we continued on to Portland. Sailed for awhile but we wound up motoring most of the way. The sun was out and the water was relatively calm and we made a steady 7 kts. We picked up a slip in DiMillo Marina ($3.75/ft) and found we were now in the high rent district of Maine. We'll only be here for one night at these prices. Our plan is to head for Portsmouth, NH tomorrow morning to take advantage of the good weather.

On the way in we saw a huge Coast Guard cutter pull right in front of us so we veered off to port and found that the cutter was leading a parade of equally large tugboats! It was tugboat day in Portland and we just happened to hit the start of the harbor parade! One of the tugboats sprayed water all over and nearly reached us. At the end of the parade, they all met in the middle of the harbor, bow to bow and let out a blast of their horns, all at once, deafening!

We walked through the renovated downtown area which has turned upscale. The table setting in the photo goes for $1299! After all the rich food, we just decided to have hamburgers for tonight and turn in for an early start tomorrow.

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