Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maple Juice Cove - Down Muscle Ridge Channel with No Fog

We left Rockland in a 10 to 15 kt northwest breeze in full sun, no fog. Once we turned the corner to go down Muscle Ridge Channel we had a broad reach for the next 15 miles! According to the GPS, we topped out at 8.3 kts in the gusts and averaged about 7 kts. It just doesn't get any better than this for sailing. Nearing Port Clyde we did our lobster pot dance through the channel south of there and turned north, motoring to Maple Juice Cove. It's a beautifully protected cove on the west bank of the St. George River. We anchored in 10 feet of water at low tide. It's anchorages like this that make you reluctant to leave Maine.

Ann saw a Black Juillemot family, ma and pa with a young one. Maine is the south most region for them, it's barely cold enough for their liking. They can usually be found in all the Maine harbors after they made a comeback several years ago.

Since the Mehaffey's came north with us through the Muscle Ridge Channel and saw only fog, we took a picture of the Owl's Head lighthouse which they didn't see. The channel is very picturesque. I also thought you might enjoy some more of Maine humor, this time it's one that the Sherer family has quoted over the years, "Except for that, there's no news..." It's typical Maine understatement.

I've restarted my Google maps for the trip home. See Maine Cruise.