Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Scituate, MA - the Satuit Boat Club

Finally, a full day of sailing, all 25 miles of it from Gloucester to Scituate. The wind was steady from the east so we had a broad reach all the way down the coast. We had intended to stay at the Scituate Harbor Yacht Club but upon entering the harbor we were met by the boat launch from Satuit Boat Club who had a mooring available ($35/night) so we followed him in. It turns out he's a diver and he described that having 10 feet of visibility was a good day but still enjoyable in seeing what was going on below. He wore a 7 mm thick dive suit which is quite warm but needed for these cold waters. He told of diving at one spot and, wouldn't you know it - a lobster pot was about 15 feet away and the owner came roaring along in his lobster boat which annoyed the diver somewhat. The lobsterman asked if he was a professional diver to which he replied, "No, just as a hobby". The lobsterman then asked if he could dive to get a rope off his propeller! I thought lobster boats were immune to such things (cage around the prop) but I guess not. He offered to pay but our launch driver declined to accept. Then he was offered three lobsters which he could not turn down! A good day for diving.

We needed groceries so he offered to drop us off at the town dock near a grocery store and he came back to pick us up later. What a friendly club! Ann prepared a chicken dinner and we relaxed on the back of the boat.

On Thursday we plan on getting to Sandwich at the mouth of the Cape Cod Canal. Monique will meet us there with Matthew in tow. He's really looking forward to once again spending some time on the boat. He has to return by Labor Day weekend since he starts school the following Tuesday. One of his assignments from school is to restart his own blog which I'll publish each night.

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