Monday, August 13, 2007

Rockland - Exporing the Farnsworth Museum

In downtown Rockland is the Farnsworth Museum which houses an excellent exhibit of Andrew Wyett's art. Ann and I spent the afternoon going through the museum. When I look at a painting, it looks "nice" or "not so good", etc. With Ann at my side, I am coming to understand what makes a good painting. With Andrew Wyett it's all about composition. He's an outstanding realist to be sure but his eye for finding just the right viewpoint for the painting is beyond compare. There were other artists on exhibit that were technically excellent in the rendering of their subjects but lacked Andrew's view of how to make the composition special - to draw the viewer in. It was a fascinating exhibit and I learned a lot.

Earlier that morning I worked on repairing a minor ding in the bow of the boat from when the anchor was tangled up and came loose with a jolt. One of these days I'll learn how to do a better repair job. I've included a photo of the hook up we use for the dinghy on the back of the boat. Since we use it at least twice a day, we've come up with a simple system for easy on and off. Two lines are permanently attached to the boat with clips on the ends that fasten to two loops on the handles of the dinghy. Two clicks and you're off, two clicks and you're secured again, easy.

We're at Lands End marina again, next to the Coast Guard station and their buoy tender went out early this morning, I caught a photo of the tender coming back in. The docking procedure took about 15 minutes as the captain carefully backed her in. I also saw the travel lift in operation when they had to operate with the 12 foot tide out!