Saturday, August 18, 2007

Boothbay Harbor - Reprovisioning

Several businesses got together and sponsored a free trolley to connect the aquarium, the mall and various businesses. We used it today for groceries and now we're all set for the rest of the cruise home. We had a "going away dinner" at Kale's, a local restaurant that we've found pretty good. Of course, both our meals involved lobster - when in Maine you concentrate on what they do best. At the restaurant they had a marine exhibit with lobsters, crabs, flounder and many other examples of Maine marine life. Especially of note was a rare blue lobster on display (see photo). They make the news whenever one turns up.

However, we have to move on and we plan on sailing (hopefully) further west tomorrow. We may not have cellphone coverage at our anchorage in which case the blog will be late but will still cover each day. In all, we enjoyed Boothbay Harbor as much as any harbor town in Maine. It's fun to watch all the boating activity, the town is spotless and has lots of restaurants and shops and the people are friendly. Great place!
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