Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Seal Bay - It Was Full!

We motored from Mackarel Cove to Billings Diesel to pick up diesel, gas, water and ice. They have a floating dock for reprovisioning boats and we took advantage of that. They also had a "chair" that had been with the company for many, many years that had been "improved" upon by a long list of dockmasters, some chair.

Coming out of the Deer Island Thorofare we were determined to sail no matter what and we started out with about 4 kts of wind moving the boat 1 to 2 kts. We were in no hurry so we moseyed along since we only had five miles to go for our anchorage at Seal Bay. However, the wind picked up and steadied at 10 to 15 kts and we just sailed back and forth across the bay, it was fun!
Finally we called it quits and entered Seal Bay and found more boats than we had ever seen in the anchorage. We barely had room to turn and leave. It seems there was a rendezvous that night (they were all flying the same burgee)! However, there's lots of room in the bay to anchor so we picked the southern part of the bay for the night. Once again, you have to follow your chartplotter since there are no buoys to mark the hazards or the shallow spots. So far we've always found the Garmin BlueCharts to be dead-on accurate. We took Lance to a nearby ledge that looked sandy but discovered that it was covered with mussels which was not bad except that mussels like mud, thick black mud, sticky black mud! Lance was a mess but Ann cleaned him up.