Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bucks Harbor in Eggemoggin Reach

In the morning I ferried the crew of Firefly over to see the seals lying on a ledge a low tide. We approached slowly so as to not scare the seals off the rocks. We got within 50 ft before that started to depart but then we saw them all around in the water poking their heads out looking at us. The Firefly crew wanted a Maine lobster dinner so we headed back to their home base for dinner that night. The day was sunny, the wind was out of the southwest and so we sailed the entire way back, what a day!
We headed for "The Fish Net" in Blue Hill and had a great meal. The place is not fancy, far from it. There are only six tables inside and a couple outside but the lobster couldn't be beat ($16.95/lobster). After a stop for provisions at Trade Winds which sold Hannafords goods, it was back to the boat.