Friday, August 24, 2007

Marion, MA - Matthew Arrives!

We left Sandwich in a fog, factually speaking (sometimes we're in a fog when there's no fog!) I thought we had escaped the fog when we left Maine, not true! The canal is eerie when there's dense fog. However, we have AIS installed on our GPS chartplotter which showed the location, speed, direction of travel of all large ships out to 15 miles ahead. So we knew what was coming enabling us to get over on the side of the channel before it loomed out of the fog. The canal seems awfully narrow in the fog when a very large ship passes you.

We motored to Marion and found it's packed with boats! There's supposed to be an anchorage area but it's not very big if it exists at all. They had some sort of regatta planned so they were almost sold out but we got the last mooring available ($40/night). Matthew arrived shortly after 9:00 pm. We took the launch back out to the boat in a full moon, a beautiful sight, a good omen for the rest of the cruise.
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