Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Block Island - Some beach time for Matthew

Hi it's me Matt. Today I had breakfast on deck. Then we left New port and I got to drive. Then we anchored at the Great Salt Pond at Block Inland. We had tunafish sandwiches for lunch. After that I went swimming and Nana says that I do a good dives. Then we went to the beech. I made a sand tower and Lance ran around. Then we had stack with out stacksauce!Then we took Lane ashore.THE END OF MATT'S BLOG well for today.

Since Matthew enjoys swimming so much we decided to head for Block Island where he can not only swim off the back of the boat but also at the nearby beaches. Unfortunately, there wasn't much wind so we motored over to Block. Upon entering the Great Salt Pond, we took a turn to port after the first green buoy and anchored out. We didn't even bother looking for a mooring, anchoring is closer to the beach for Lance and more protected for Matthew's swimming with the back of the boat next to a "no anchoring" area.

After Matthew's swim, we dinked to the nearby beach and Matthew made a sandcastle while we ran around Lance. We then dinked into town and picked up the necessities of potato chips and oreos! Meanwhile, the refrigerator seems to be doing fine with block ice in the freezer and the internal fans blowing cool air to the refrigerator section. We can maintain 35 to 40 in the freezer section and 40 to 45 in the refrigerator part. We're hoping to get it fixed in Branford.

Tonight we had the most amazing moonrise. When it was dark I stepped out and tried a few handheld shots of the moon and the "city" of anchored boats, a beautiful sight!
Follow our progress at Return Trip.


Anonymous said...

Nice sandcastles Matthew.you sure Know how to keep busy on a sail boat.
Have you found any pirate treasure yet?Look out for Black beard!

I was wondering how did Block Island get it name and do local people live on the island year round?
Hope you have another great day.