Monday, February 1, 2021

Titusville - Isolation is a boon for Ann's painting


Ann always asks if I like a pastel or not but all I can say that I like what I like.
There no analysis involved. Ann then points out the four values in the painting above
and the specks of white to simulate ocean spray - and a few other things. Oh yes, I say, now 
I see it. 

Ann has been painting almost every day while in Florida. She has her pastels with her in a rather large box and along with a host of materials needed for her work. She sets up in the cockpit, usually with full sun so it's quite warm. She asks my opinion on her pastels and I'll reply that I like it or not. Then she will explain what she did to make the pastel stand out. Once pointed out, I'll say, "Oh yes, now I see it". There's a lot of things going on in the background that I don't notice until Ann points it out. 

A rather serene landscape of the summer

Much of the inspiration is from Flordia and tours on Black Point Drive on Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. We have a good internet connection so Ann will watch instructional videos on our 32 inch TV during the afternoon. 

Standing against the elements! A scene from Florida.

Meanwhile, I'm working on Waterway Guide material and keeping my ICW Cruising Guide Facebook page alive. We are both happy campers down here in the warm weather. It may get cool once in awhile, but it's much warmer than New York - less snow too. 


Doc Cecil Aboard Sigmachi said...

Bob and Ann,
Just discovered your Fleetwing Blog this mo=ning!

FYI we live west of Baltimore City...4 " of snow and 32° today.

SIGMACHI will be staying in Chesapeake Bay Country this Spring and Summer. Maybe see you when you pass thru?

Thanks for such interesting postings!
Alan & Jeanne Cecil

Marco said...

Hello bob432…. Appreciate your work and dedication to help others, particularly in handling the ICW. We just buy a Bene 43 planning to cruise down from Oriental, NC to Miami, FL. We are preparing ourselves to this new adventure…We bought your publication and now an iPad to download your tracks….and the Aqua Map app….Now we are confronting some questions. When trying to download the track: from Hampton to Titusville, it came out with “the folder is empty”. At the same time we could download other track, Norfolk to Ft Lauderdale though. The other question is: which one is the most recent track? (Seems that there is a recent one, Northbound from Key West …) Any recommendation or comment will be deeply appreciated. Thanks:

Bob423 said...

Marco, the most recent tracks will always be at

Instructions are at: