Friday, February 19, 2021

Titusville - Friday night tradition, Shilos takeout


Takeout again!

After last week's Friday night takeout from Shilos, we were hooked. So as part of "cook's night off", we have takeout for dinner. We are working our way through the sandwich menu with an emphasis on fish. Last week it was fried fish for me and blacked mahi-mahi for Ann. This week I tried the ahi-tuna and Ann had the fish tacos. All was good but the simple fried fish sandwich is hard to beat, it's also the least expensive. 

They do seem to be abiding with the every other table rule

Judging from the parking lot, you would think the place would be packed - but it's not. The restaurant is huge and they seem to be honoring the "every other table" rule for patrons. I called my order in and then left to pick it up. When I arrived, it wasn't quite ready so I stood outside looking to see when it arrived at the desk. I had intended going back inside to pick up the order but the clerk brought it out to the car. 

From the cars in the parking lot - you wouldn't think there would be any empty tables!

So with every second table empty and with takeout thriving, the restaurants are finding their way in the pandemic, at least in Florida. Saturday is the big day for me, I get my second shot Saturday morning, Ann goes Tuesday.