Thursday, February 11, 2021

Titusville - A trip to Cocoa Village Marina


Large condos are nearby

We wanted to scout out alternatives to Titusville Marina and Cocoa Village Marina came to mind. It's farther south than Titusville and is located with many shops and restaurants around. For a long term stay, we look for a protected slip, a place to run for exercise, a dog park would be a plus for Hoolie, and good WiFi. 

Doesn't seem like much protection

The first thing we noticed was that the marina appears to be quite exposed to north winds and waves. Titusville can get rocky with a northeast wind but it's protected from all other directions. Cocoa Village looks to be open to winds out of a much larger range: from the north to the east and there's no small opening for waves to come in, the entire marina is open in those directions. 

The "seawall" for the main marina does not go down to the bottom, waves can get under

It's by several large condo towers and a busy street nearby. It's not obvious where we would do our morning runs and I saw nothing nearby for Hoolie. Perhaps people like it for the easy access to a city area but our first two requirements outweigh any others. 

I never before saw a lift for a sailboat with such a large keel

We'll take a look at Ft Piece City Marina next, we've heard a lot of good stuff about the new docks they build in the last couple of years. We're just hoping to scout out alternatives to Titusville but we haven't found it yet - except for Key West, of course. 


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Did you get a chance to check out the new Cocoa city docks over at Lee Wenner Park? They're just south of Cocoa Village Marina, on the other side of State Road 520. Agree with your assessment - CVM probably wouldn't meet your needs. It is a convenient place to stop for the night if you want to enjoy the Cocoa Village area and then head north or south the next day. Not a 'long term' place in our book. You're spot on about the lack of protection from the weather. Our boat had been staying in a slip at CVM for about a year before we purchased it. Our first thought was we'd simply keep it there - but aside from being convenient to pull off the AIWW for the night, it really held no other advantages. So certainly not a long term home - at least for us.

m/v Twin Sisters said...

I would highly recommend looking at Suntex (Loggerhead) Marina in Vero. For long-term it is a much better choice in many ways than Fort Pierce (especially if you’ll have your car). Quiet, gated, miles of walking paths, nice people, absolute wave protection & a 10-minute drive to the dog park in Vero.

captainwjm said...

We loved FP City Marina and would recommend over Titusville and Cocoa.

John said...

Old Port Cove MM 1014 is very nice