Sunday, February 28, 2021

Titusville - Settling into springtime

We are well lit at night

 I think we're finally over winter down here. We'll wait until the middle of April before heading north but at least until then, we won't need a heater anymore. Donuts from Donuts 4 U was the order of the day this morning. We have our little routine where I order while in the car and the clerk brings it out to me. It's another no-contact delivery of food. All of the local restaurants have this as a regular offering. 

The voltages on the docks are better than most marinas I've been in

We're looking for another SpaceX launch tonight that's due at 8:37 pm with no room for error. It's either launch at exactly 8:37 or wait until tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get some photos tonight. We are still on our two-night-a-week schedule for Zoom meetings. The Connecticut and Pennsylvania contingents join in for a round robbin of the week's happenings in the Sherer family. Zoom has changed our family communications.