Monday, February 15, 2021

Titusville - Pacing Hoolie and storms rolling through


So what are you waiting for??

Hoolie is going on 13 years old but he still retains the spunk we've always known. We do watch thate he doesn't overdo it, a real problem for Springers. They are a naturally enthusiastic breed and seem to do everything at full speed. So we wait for the tongue to start hanging out and dial back his running, which he would never do by himself. 

A cloudy sunset, lightning in the distance

He sees other dogs there but he's only interested in running. He usually a very quiet dog which I think comes from their breeding as a bird dog - they don't want to spook birds out of the bush until it's time, they are trained to point at the bird, not cause it to fly away. However, all that goes by the wayside when heading to the dog park. He's full of whimpers, squeaks, whines, while lunging at the leash, eager to reach the dog park where he bursts forward at a full run when released. 

Lots of clouds today and a passing storm at sunset. We're due for a SpaceX launch tonight at 9:58 if the weather holds. Nighttime launches are always more spectacular than daytime launches. I'll go up on deck to get a photo. 


Bob Norton, Jr. said...

I know it's a lot of work, but awesome job keeping Hoolie active - he looks great, had no idea he was already 13! Glad you're in FL - winter storms of one type or other every 3 days for the past 2 weeks, with another snow event for CT on the way for Thursday! Keep up the great posting.

wjs said...

Bob, your mention of the upcoming Space-X launch made me think that you might be interested in watching the landing of Perseverance on Mars, live on Thursday Feb. 18, at 14:15 EST. It's all here:

One of the experiments that will be conducted at some point is to fly a small helicopter on Mars. Interesting stuff.

Bill Spencer