Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Titusville - Side roads through the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge


The back road follow the canals, great for fishing

Is 70 degrees cold? We've been in Florida since the first week of January and mostly it's been in the 70s with occasional forays into the upper 60s. This morning we had a north wind of 5 to 10 knots with a temperature of about 70 or so and it definitely felt a little chilly when we went out for our morning walks and run. I am sure that if I was back up north and we had a day where the temperature reached 70, we would be outside in tee shirts and feeling very warm, maybe even hot. This is what Florida does to your temperature sense. As I recall, we had the same problem in Key West.

Up goes 60 more satellites into the Starlink constellation

For our afternoon adventure, we took one of the side roads through the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. In addition to the Black Point road, there are numerous other back roads that wind their way through the refuge, offering many places to stop and fish or just look at the wildlife. I printed a map off their website and Ann was the navigator for the exploration. It's quite interesting with alligators and birds all around. The back roads are actually well maintained although the Black Point road was closed today due to damage from the storms of last night, the rest were fine. We will be exploring more of the area over the next few weeks. 

Last night was another launch of 60 satellites for the Starlink internet service to be offered by Elon Musk. We stayed up just to see it. It has become so routine around here that most of the long-term residents no longer bother to stay up unless it is at a more convenient time. Last night's launch was at 10:59 pm. There was another launch scheduled for tonight but it was scrubbed.