Monday, February 8, 2021

Titusville - Honor those before us


A lone flagpole with meaning to a few

Titusville has many memorials to those who forged ahead at less than 100% certainty but there's one I found that's very modest. It's in Sand Point Park and it's a simple flagpole with names of astronauts arrayed around who lost their lives in exploring space. I visited there yesterday and stood by each plaque for a moment in silence. 

One of several arrayed around the pole, with a dried rose fixed in place with a piece of bark

I noticed that someone had placed a rose on each plaque and tried to weigh it down with a piece of bark or a shell. I wondered who that might be, a relative, a friend - I didn't know. And yet there is no shortage of those applying for the few astronauts openings available. At one time, I wanted to be a pilot but my eyesight was not good enough so I settled for running a radar unit in Alaska as a Space Survellience Officer in Shemya, Alaska between stints at NORAD in Colorado. I thought it was enough of a sacrifice at the time to be away from Ann for a year on my assignment in Shemya but it doesn't compare to the risks and sacrifices of the astronauts. 

Be thankful for what you have, every day. 


Marty said...

Very Nice thing to do Bob!