Thursday, February 25, 2021

Titusville - Time for a Black Point fix and then a local park


Black Point drive is always entertaining

We have an American the Beautiful pass that once bought, lets us in for free at national parks including the national seashore on Merritt Island (Playalinda). The cost is only $80 for a lifetime pass. We've used it all over the east coast and specifically at Black Point and Playalinda. Otherwise, it can be $20 per vehicle that's good for seven days.

An everpresent alligator waiting in the grass

The Black Point drive didn't have many birds today. Have they started north already? Still, the sun was full out all day with temps in the 70s. It was a pleasant drive out in the country. We did see several alligators sunning themselves along the banks. 

Kennedy Park just south of Rt 50 in Titusville. 

Ann had a mild reaction to her shot yesterday in the form of being tired and with a sore arm but both went away today. She's back to 100% now. We're just marking time for the two-week waiting period for the full effect of the vaccine to take effect.