Sunday, February 7, 2021

Titusville - A lightning storms over night, quiet otherwise


Some progress inside, our daily walk update!

We had lightning all around us but we were snug in the marina. I rushed Hoolie out before the storms hit and then waited out the rain before venturing forth to get our Sunday morning donuts at Donuts 4 U. I think she knows me by now. I pull up in front of the shop, call inside with my order, and she brings it out to the car, and I tip too of course. Many businesses routinely do this procedure now during the pandemic. They don't get exposed and I don't get exposed, a win for both of us - and they continue to get business. 

There are drives through the refuge meant for 4 wheel drive vehicles - we have one!

You can see in the photo yesterday how Walmart is set up, pretty efficient for both them and us. I stopped on the way back to get wine, no problem there, I was the only person in the store besides the two clerks. Unfortunately, I was not as wise when I want a loaf of fresh bread. I went inside with good intentions but about half the people inside were not wearing masks. I should have left but I stay in the line which at least was marked off in 6 ft intervals. 

It will be a pleasure when conversations are no longer dominated by virus concerns.