Saturday, February 6, 2021

Titusville - Groceries and progress


They have six slots for grocery pickup at the local Walmart, very efficient

The thing about ordering from Walmart is that we usually cannot get same day delivery. You first reserve a time slot and then put your order in. The early time slots are gone in a hurry. However, we've gotten used to ordering on Friday morning and picking up our groceries on Saturday morning. You're free to add to your Friday order until 1:00 am Saturday morning. You'll get a message before your order is finalized on whether the substitutions were okay since they are occasionally out of some items. 

Not pretty to look at but could be very useful to marina residents.

Their app will track your arrival and all you have to do is tap in the number of the parking space you're in and color of your car, which was already entered from last week. I push the open track button and the groceries are loaded, tipping is refused, we tried. We've had zero issues with what the shopper picked out, in fact, they seem to get a better selection than we do in person. I think they access the fresh fruit and vegetables before they are put out on the floor.  

Meanwhile, I track the progress of the workhouse for the marina, the roof is on now. It will be interesting what's included for equipment, if anything.