Saturday, February 13, 2021

Titusville - Cormorants


He's peeking out from under the bow of the boat across the fairway

Most birds shed water given their natural oils in the feathers. The cormorants are different. They survive by hunting fish underwater. If they had the natural water repellency of most birds, they would not be able to dive for their food - they would have too much buoyancy. The downside to this adaption is that they periodically have to dry their feathers by standing in the wind and spreading their wings. It looks a little funny but that's their survival technique. 

A close up, ready to pounce!

We had one cormorant in the marina that was fishing in the fairway. He used the boats as places to launch his hunting attacks. He was quite busy gathering his daily bread. This morning I even caught him hopping along on the dock, trying to dry off - but I didn't have my camera so I got no photo. 

Their hunting technique is a surface dive which is not like the ospreys which dive like a dive bomber to spear their meal. Both techniques seem to be effective. I guess there's room for everybody.  


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that's an anhinga, females have whitish heads