Friday, February 26, 2021

Titusville - Pastel Day


A scene from Black Point Drive on Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Ann paints in pastels every day. I'm usually down below working on Waterway Guide stuff and Ann's upstairs in the cockpit painting. I think she's advanced a lot in her painting over the last few months. It's much harder than it looks and the technical aspects of the painting require a greater understanding of how to shape colors and shadings than you might imagine. I look at a painting and might say, "That's nice, I like it" and then she'll explain how some of the effects were achieved. Oh yes, I say, now I see it - where it was oblivious to me before. 

A local sunset scene

So I work on the technical aspects of boating while Ann addresses the artistic side, a good match. The paintings have all taken a local aspect now, scenes from our travels through Black Point Drive or nearby parks. The area is a neverending source of inspiration to Ann. 

End of the day

We'll pick up our weekly groceries from Walmart, having selected our purchases while in bed this morning. With choosing our selections Friday morning, we have all day Friday to add things we forgot before the list is finalized with Walmart for the 11:00 am pick up on Saturday. That's easy shopping. I wonder how much longer Walmart will continue the practice after the pandemic recedes.