Sunday, February 21, 2021

Titusville - Visit to Playalinda Beach and an armadillo


Contemplating the ocean at Playalinda

Ann wanted some photos of the surf at Playalinda Beach, the long beach on Merritt Island. We waited for high winds out of the east so the surf would build up so when the winds started piping 20 to 25 kts in Titusville, we knew it was time to see the surf. The beach is a national seashore so it's not free but with our senior citizen pass, we breezed right through. 

A view to the south, a couple on the beach - relaxing

There are 13 beaches at Playalina with the 13th one being reserved for au naturale sunbathing. We stopped at beach 12 thinking it would not be crowded, and it wasn't. Ann's painting class has them doing surf scenes so she wanted some material to paint. 

He was very busy getting dinner

On the way back, we saw an armadillo by the roadside. We stopped to take photos but he paid us no attention, he was busy getting at insects (I guess) as he walked along. The Merritt Island Nature Refuge is a great place to see birds and animals. However, Black Point Drive is closed for now due to the heavy rains we received a couple of days ago.