Thursday, February 18, 2021

Titusville - Cool, then hot?

The lander reaches Mars! We watched in real time

Yesterday it was around 70, today it was in the high 80s, such a change. On Saturday, it's not predicted to even reach 70. Well, it is the middle of winter after all. I look at our cameras up north around the house, we have eight distributed all over, inlcuding one focused on the oil tank gauge. Nice to see the snow up there and not down here!

We don't have a good view of the setting sun, but we still enjoy the color

We watched the Mars lander successful reach Mars, what a technical achievement! The sky elevator looked extremely complicated - but it worked. This will be the first lander with the capability of detecting life. They were talking about sending a robotic mission to Mars to pick up the sample cores from this lander and return it to Earth but not unitl sometime the next decade! Wouldn't it be great if Elon Musk sent his ship to Mars with 100 colonists and picked up the sample directly for the return trip to Earth. NASA is so slow.