Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Titusville - Westland Marina


Westland has a nice cookout area, deserted in the cool weather.

Westland Marina is located in the same harbor as Titusville Marina. However, it much better protected from east winds since it's tucked down in the southern half of the anchorage, away from the entrance where all the waves come in. It's also much harder to get slip there due to its popularity. 

The travellift can haul our boat without having to remove the enclosure, a big plus for us.

They have inside storage for smaller boats and a 50-ton travellift for hauling boats. We used it once for looking at our prop when we suspected damage due to wrapping a crab pot line. It turned out to be fine but it's good to know that such a facility is nearby. One positive point is the WiFi, it's supplied by OnSpotWiFi the premier supplier of reliable internet service to marinas on the east coast. 

It's predicted to be a cold night tonight with temps down to 33F! At least it's still above freezing. It never got that cold in Key West but that's for next year. It's due to warm up into the 70s a couple of days from now and we'll surely enjoy that. Even with the cold weather, it's clear and the cockpit heats up to the 70s by 10:00 am. We'll survive.


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

I spent about five weeks on the hard in Westland Boatyard NOV/DEC 2020 for extensive bottom work and a bunch of other odds and ends. Very reasonable prices, and a good group of people working and running the place.