Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Titusville - Ann's sunsets


Art in the cockpit

Ann continues to paint during the day while I work on Waterway Guide projects down below along with running the ICW Cruising Guide Facebook group and a forum on Beneteau 423 sailboats. She took a full complement of pastels with her for the trip south and with today's mild weather, the cockpit is the perfect place for painting - and it has good light. 

I love the sunset but the original pastel is much better

I spent the morning recording a webinar with Ed Tillet, the General Manager of Waterway Guide Media. Recording a video is harder than it looks. A smooth delivery, looking at the camera (not the image on the iPad), recording audio with a separate mic, and then editing the results. Ed will be publishing the video in the next few weeks. I'll let you know when it goes live. I won't know how I did until then anyway. 

Much is lost in the photo process but still nice

We saw the Goodyear blimp pass overhead. I guess it was coming from the Superbowl and was headed home. 

Welcome home!


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

We had a Goodyear airship go right over us in Aug 2017 down by the AIWW/Canaveral Barge Canal junction. So it seems they're no stranger to the area. The one we saw was going north. What direction was was the one you saw headed?

Bill said...

I suspect the blimp may be headed to Daytona where the Daytona 500 is this weekend. Beautiful paintings!