Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Titusville - We meet the crew at Titusville Marina


Tom Larson is on the right (surprised, right?!)

Titusville Marina is managed by F3 Marina, a company specializing in marina operations. They have a crew of professional managers that they assign to marinas they are contracted to run. Titusville turned to them several years ago and it's been a great match. 

The crew here is headed by Tom Lawson, the person on the right in the photo. He recruited the rest of the team. The other two pictured run the main office. There are others not shown that welcome new boaters on the docks and ensure the marina runs smoothly. Under Tom's leadership, the marina has installed new commercial-grade washers and dryers, renovated the showers, added an inside captains' room, and a work building is being built for boat projects. 

A new WiFi system was approved 1/12/2021 and should be installed in a couple of weeks. It will upgrade the main trunk from 20 Mbps to 200 Mbps with elevated towers for WiFi distribution and will do away with the buggy sign-in page that we can never seem to activate when trying to access WiFi. lIt will be a huge improvement for those depending on WiFi for work or streaming at night.