Sunday, January 31, 2021

Titusville - We meet friends and a lazy dog


How nice it was to chat in the cockpit, hadn't done that for a while

The big event of the day was guests on Fleetwing for the first time in 11months! It was a warm day so the cockpit was completely open with a good breeze and we know everyone had been careful to avoid any and all crowds. I broke out a bottle of our best wine from northern Italy volunteered by Aqua Map and we sat and chatted for several hours, catching up on old times with Gail and Laura. 

It's a dog's life

They have the same model Beneteau we do and regularly sail to the Bahamas for the winter but not this year. For a change, they bought an RV and are exploring Florida by the roads. Neither of us enjoy the cold weather any longer looking out at the snow. They also got their first vaccination shot and will get their second one in two weeks. 

So while we chatted away, Hoolie decided to take a snooze like he usually does, totally relaxed - secure in the knowledge that he's among his pack. In the marina, he's relieved of his duties to prevent incursions by dolphins or manatees but he's still on the lookout for the occasional bird landing nearby. Such is a dog's life aboard Fleetwing.