Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Solomons - at anchor

A fishing weir - no passage, many are 100's of ft long
We came out of Mill Creek and had to avoid several fish weirs. They are supposed to trap fish as the tides change and I suppose they work given how many are in the area. However, I sure know that the birds take great interest in what's trapped! All you can see when you pass one by are all the birds who appear to enjoy the free lunch. You have to go farther out into the bay to avoid them when rounding north out of Mill Creek.

Off our aft at Solomons anchorage
Once out in the bay we had light winds out of the south and a horde of flies! I cannot imagine where they came from. We had no flies in the Mill Creek anchorage but once past the last marker, flies galore. We had the same experience one time in Long Island Sound. No flies in the anchorages but out in the middle of the bay, lots of them. As we approached Solomons, the fly attack abated, strange.

A view of Fleetwing and the anchorage
There are lots of anchorages in Solomons, about a dozen at least. We like the one by the Holiday Inn due to their $2/night dinghy fee. Most places guard their shore access and don't even offer a fee for use - they want nobody coming ashore on their docks. It's very convenient for Hoolie's shore leave.

On Thursday we're headed for Annapolis and a mooring. I think I owe Ann a painkiller at Pussars. From there we head for the Chesapeake City anchorage and see what develops for weather for going down Delaware Bay.


Seawif2005 said...

Bob...ever consider mill creek just north of Annapolis to anchor out...very quiet and there,s a great restaurant - Cantler,s know for there crabs and seafood! .. You can dinghy to or tie up at their dock...deep water all throughout anchorage....seawif2005

Bob423 said...

Seawif, it looks like an interesting anchorage although small. I owed Ann Painkiller at Pussars so we're in Annapolis this afternoon, aiming for Chesapeake City on Saturday. Thanks for the suggestion.