Thursday, May 4, 2017

Beaufort - at Homer Smith Docks and Marina

Tony welcomes all visitors
We met a nice couple at Swan Point Marina that told us of a marina that we didn't know existed, Homer Smith Docks and Marina in Beaufort, NC. It used to be a shrimp fleet location and shrimp boats do come in but the owner decided to branch out and installed docks for transients. Normally when this happens you get docks that are the same as what the shrimp boats use like at RE Mayo or Swan Point Marina but that's not the situation here! The owner went absolutely first class with docks made by a leading supplier and surfaced with ipe Brazilian hardwood, a top of the line dock surface.

Not notch docks, ipe hardword covered
He also installed top notch amenities such as a spin washer and dryer that are free and a tiled shower, all in an air conditioned couple of rooms with a flat panel TV for entertainment. Transportation is provided free of charge for nearby provisioning. Since the marina retains shrimp boat docks, there is always fresh shrimp to be had.

Downtown Beaufort is  6 blocks away
The marina is on the north side of Beaufort and is protected from south, east, and west winds. There are shallows to the north that should offer wave protection from that quadrant. The way in is well marked and I have 5.8 MLW at my slip, it averaged 10 MLW on the route in. The rate is $1.50/ft.

We were certainly glad to get in. We endured 20 to 30 kt winds on the nose and an adverse current most of the way, it was a long day. We were grateful for the full enclosure which shielded us from the occasional splash from a passing wave and the constant wind. A major storm is predicted for Friday with winds of 25 to 35 kts and rain with thunderstorms. Naturally, we'll be staying snug in here on Friday and may even stay over for Saturday to let the left over high winds subside. It's nice and quiet now but I can see storms approaching on radar!