Sunday, May 28, 2017

Atlantic Highlands - at anchor

Goodbye Atlantic City until next year
We said our farewells to Atlantic City at 5:45 am and headed north. There was a regular armada of  boats going north, about a dozen that I could see. The Coast Guard was posting a small craft advisory Monday night so the window was now and everybody took advantage of the opening in the weather. Still, what's with the weather? It's almost June and the temperatures are still in the 60's!

A great dinghy dock at Atlantic Highlands
The winds and waves were exactly as predicted by PocketGrib using the grib file produced by NOAA. Just light winds off the aft quarter and little wave action. We like a comfortable ride when going 80 Nm in a day.

The moorings here are $50/day, way overpriced. As usual, we opt'ed to just anchor which we prefer to a mooring anyway. There's room for at least a dozen boats but there are only four of us here tonight. There's a 15 minute (time limit) dinghy dock down the second fairway past the fuel dock. So we have everything we need in an anchorage.

Lots of room in the anchorage, why pick up a mooring??
On Monday we would like to run up the river with the tide behind us all the way to our home, Poughkeepsie YC but the weather does not look good, rain all day long. I really do not want to navigate through NY harbor in a driving rain with a ferries and very large boats going in all directions. So we will wait for the rain to cease before hauling anchor and perhaps we'll not make it to PYC which leads us to the Haverstraw Cove anchorage for the night, about six hours south of PYC. That put us home on Tuesday instead of Monday. As usual, the weather is king, we'll see Monday morning.


Fred Brillo said...

Be thankful for the 60 degree was 98 and not a cloud in the sky for shade, here in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday. Southwesterly winds from the Everglades heats up fast. A new all time record high.

Bob423 said...

It's hard being thankful with 20 kt winds out of the only direction where there's no protection. If you have 270° protection in a harbor, you can bet which direction the wind will come from!

Dawn R said...

Next time you go to Atlantic Highlands, there's an unlimited dinghy dock, turn in just before the fuel dock, head towards the ramp and dinghy dock is on the left. The 15 minute limit is for your big boat. Agree about the overpriced moorings, we are members and they just don't get it.... they'd rather have empty moorings. Have a great summer.

Bob423 said...

Dawn, I'll look for that the next time. That would be closer to the anchorage, thanks.