Thursday, May 18, 2017

Annapolis - at a mooring

The mooring field is as crowded as ever, what a change of pace from the anchorages of the last two days!
There were small craft advisories out until 10:00 am this morning but the winds were out of the southwest which is partially off land for our northern leg so we thought the conditions would be good enough for a comfortable ride. I rerouted our path to follow the western shore which was a good thing since we saw gusts to 23 kts most of the morning. Usually we take a direct route to Annapolis which involves crossing over to the eastern side of the bay but not this time. With the reduced fetch from following the western shore, the ride was fine.

Hoolie relief is nearby, we use the northern dinghy dock, not the one down Ego Alley
We got in around 1:00 pm and picked up a town mooring. You can now pay over the phone which we did. I took Hoolie into shore and it felt like the middle of summer with the temperature around 90F. Even though it was a Thursday, the place was packed. The town fixed up their docks along Ego Alley with new electrical service and new pilings with canvas fenders rails, much nicer than what was there before.

The "Sandbagger" racing class modeled after the original oyster boats of the Chesapeake. Sail area was not controlled.
The mooring field is the same as ever. They charge $35 for one night. We never did get over to Pusser's for a Painkiller. Oh well, maybe next time. On Friday it's off to Chesapeake City and we hope the anchorage isn't too silted in. We made it okay in the fall but it's had another six month to collect more mud. I'll report on what I find.
Nice sunset at Annapolis