Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mill Creek - at anchor

There's a out a dozen boats in all scattered around the anchorage, still plenty of room
We like to leave a dock with "Style" and "Grace" but this morning they jumped ship! I cast off all the lines, I thought, but when Ann started backing out of the slip we suddenly came to a halt. It took a moment to realize that I had forgotten one line tied to the mid cleat and the dock. I was going nowhere with that line attached. We tried a few maneuvers to get close enough for me to untie the line but it was no use. The wind and tide were against us getting any closer. Lucky for us a good samaritan came by and untied the line from the dock.

Typical house along the shore, secluded
After that little excitement we refueled and were off going north. The Chesapeake was absolutely calm with winds less than 10 kts, mostly around 5 kts and the water was flat. With that we made good time to Mill Creek which is just south of the mouth of the Potomac. We like this anchorage since there is plenty of room for a 100 boats if needed and there's dog relief at a nearby deserted beach but I still pick up after Hoolie.

This leg of our trip is our anchoring leg and tomorrow's goal is Solomons in the anchorage by the Holiday Inn. We plan on leaving around 8:00 and we're expecting a crowd at the anchorage given how many boats we saw today. Everyone was backed up due to the windy conditions earlier but the rest of the week is predicted to be relatively calm, I sure hope so.


Seadyce said...

Solomons anchorage - Holiday Inn - is presently empty. If you need some transportation give me a shout. I'm the Nauticat 44 in the condo docks east side. Seadyce44@gmail.com

Fred Brillo said...

What a beautiful anchorage Mill Creek is... So different from what we have here in South Florida.

Bob423 said...

Fred, there are banks for wind protection with houses and trees. One time we were waiting out bad weather here and it was so hard to believe the weather report of 30 kt winds with 4 ft waves on the Chesapeake (since we felt nothing inside) that we headed out anyway only to turn around and reanchor. Three other boats did the same thing. The depths are 8 to 10 ft with good holding in mud. Just be sure to have a good wash down pump. There's a restaurant with a dinghy dock farther in.

Bob423 said...

Hi Fordyce, I just now saw your post. We provisioned at Hampton so we're good on that score. Come on by for wine at 5:00 if you're available. We can compare notes. We have the dinghy in the water anyway for Hoolie so we could pick you up if you want.