Monday, May 29, 2017

Atlantic Highlands - at anchor with cold and rain for comfort

A second iteration of the iris - I like it better than the first one
Rain storms came sweeping in from the west even though we had a 15 to 20 kt east wind (humm, how does that work...)  We watched the multiple storms approach and move through but there always seemed to be another one right behind. We almost left, we took the motor off the dinghy and were ready to turn on the engine when yet another storm appeared on the weather radar. That was around 11:00 am. With that we decided the better course of action was just to stay put. Navigating through New York Harbor in a driving rain and wind is not a good thing to try. We're just in not that much of a hurry, let the dozen or so ferries and a like number of tugs and barges battle it out without us, at least until there's better visibility.

Tuesday is predicted to be a better day as far as visibility, the temperatures will still be in the 60's with an overcast sky, ugh. The only good thing is the flood tide that should carry us far up the Hudson River in the morning. If you can catch the flood tide at the Battery in NYC, then you can ride it up the river all the way to the Poughkeepsie YC. This only works going up the Hudson since the flood tide is progressively later in the day as you move north.

Nobody left today, we're all in a row
Ann spent most of the day painting with her pastels (see photo) and I read. The genset is a real blessing in such weather, we were nice and warm. When taking Hoolie ashore he somehow got it into his head to jump the dinghy before I got ashore and he found himself in neck high water. On occasion I've had him jump into the water when the dinghy touched bottom. Then he's ankle deep, no problem. He was probably thinking of that when he jumped. Now I had a saltwater wet dog.

Once again we plan on leaving in the morning in anything other than a downpour. We've given up on getting warm weather but we do want to avoid rain going through NY harbor.


jack cothren said...

welcome back ... long day

Bob423 said...

Jack, are you up here or still in Savannah?