Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Poughkeepsie Yacht Club - At home on my dock, last post until 9/15/2017

This looks very big when passing close by!
It was a long day. The lousy weather continues but at least it didn't rain today. The high was only 61, really cold for the end of May. We got off our anchor by 7:17 am and started north. We had looked at the current tables and have learned that a favorable current is always later than predicted. We were supposed to hit a slack tide at the Verrazano-Narrows bridge but it took another two hours up to the George Washington bridge before the adverse current stopped.

The boat at the left edge got my attention!
We had intended stopping at Haverstraw Bay but when then we finally got a favorable current and started hitting 9 kts so we decided to soldier on. Beside, the next day's forecast was even worse than today, lots of rain.

Along the way we passed three naval vessels that were apparently in town for the Memorial Day weekend. One was an aircraft carrier, very impressive when so close. I can also vouch for the effectiveness of having AIS displayed on your chartplotter. At a glance you can see which very large boats are anchored and which are moving, very important when running through New York harbor. All the ferries have AIS too. Most chartplotters will give you a choice on how to display other boats on AIS. For me I chose the option of projecting a line where I will be in 10 minutes and the same option for other boats. If the two lines intersect, then you have a problem to solve to avoid a collision. Furthermore, there are two types of AIS. Class A just receives signals, Class B will not only let you see other  boats AIS signal but it will also transmit your own position so you're visible on their AIS displays. I have Class B, everyone should. If you want to use your VHF antenna at the top of your mast (for maximum range) then you will also need an active splitter which automatically switches between the AIS transponder and your VHF radio with no signal loss.

I was a great cruise, now it's time to get ready for the fall and our next trip down the ICW
We are now securely tied up at our home for the next 3.5 months. I have a long list of todo's that include publishing the 2017 version of the ICW Cruising Guide. It will  be greatly expanded with many new sections.

So this is my last blog post until 9/15 when I hope you will join me again for another trip down the ICW to Key West Florida. There may be a vew interim posts when we take our four grandkids for a Long Island cruise, we are looking forward to that as are the kids. Thanks for reading the blog, it's been fun.


Unknown said...

Enjoyed following your adventures. We will be heading out from Newport on September 20. Will look for you along the way. I also keep a blog, and will be updating it periodically this summer as we cruise around Narragansett Bay, Buzzards Bay and the Islands. We are looking forward to our trip. http://obsession-travelsaboardobsession.blogspot.com/2017/

Bob said...

Great writing and info as always. We'll be checking to see how far east you come in Long Island Sound this summer. Hope to use your Maine info in August ourselves. Glad you're home safe and sound. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Just asking for clarification on AIS A and B. As stated in the reference : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_identification_system#Detailed_description:_Class_A_units
isn't the Class A the preferred model as it sends AND receives whereas Class B only sends limited data. Thanks, appreciate your clarification.

Manatee Man said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed following your entries this year. I'm anxious to see your 2017 Cruising Guide since we plan to dip our toes in the pond finally and begin our waterborne adventures. Thank you for sharing your passion with us all.

Fair Winds...

Fred Brillo said...

Have a wonderful summer... I'll be helping a friend bring his Island Packet home from the Exumas. See you next trip.

Bob423 said...

Janice and Bob, hope to see you in Long Island Sound this summer. We'll be leaving shortly after the 4th of July but our four grandkids, ought to be an adventure.

Dutchess, see today's post on AIS transponders

Manatee, it's a great passion to have. Fun and adventures await you.

Fred, we missed you on our last trip, hope to see you this fall.

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your voyage. Always appreciate all your spot on information and great photos.

Mary said...

Looking forward to sailing with the GC's adventures!

Bob423 said...

Mary, I will be doing the blog while the grandkids are on board. After all, their parents will want to know what they're up to!