Sunday, May 21, 2017

Chesapeake City - Last day

Ann's painting of the day
We stayed another day since we didn't feel like bucking at 3 kt current with a 15 kt headwind on Delaware Bay. We have become very choosy for our travel days. We just like a calm ride, no excitement, that comes anyway at times you don't expect.

Yesterday's painting
So what do you do on off days? Well, Ann paints and I prepare for the 2017 edition of my ICW Cruising Guide. We are never at a loss for things to do even after 7 years of traveling the ICW. The weather is still  cold, it didn't even reach 70 today.

At anchor, we see the sun for the first time in three days! 
We've been watching the weather reports and we still find those based on grib to be the most accurate. There are many apps that use the grib data for input, both on the iPad and PC. We use PocketGrib for the iPad  but there are many others. It's usually about 6 hours ahead of the NOAA Coastal forecasts in predicted wind and wave action. We always use the grib report as the final arbitrator of what's really going to happen and we've seldom been disappointed.

We still plan on overnighting at Cohansey behind the island before moving on to Cape May on Tuesday. However, it looks like we may be trapped in Cape May for several days as a front moves through, we'll see.


Mary said...

Beautiful painting, thank you for sharing.

Bob423 said...

Mary, Ann says thanks for the kind words. She has her own Page on the blog covering all her recent paintings.