Monday, May 15, 2017

Hampton - Making plans

Nearby condos on the water, our morning walk path
The great warm up continues. We bought the last of our fresh veggies and now we're ready for the dash north. For this part of our cruise we'll be anchoring out. There are a lot of anchorages to chose from and they all have allowances for Hoolie to get to shore. First stop will be Mill Creek, then Solomons by the Holiday Inn with their $2/day dinghy dock, then either Rhode River or Annapolis at a mooring, then the Chesapeake City anchorage, followed by the Cohansey anchorage behind the island and if the weather is good, we then hope to make Atlantic City the next day and their $1.50/ft dockage if you belong to Marina Life. From that vantage point, we'll look for a window for our 11.5 hour voyage up the New Jersey coast.

A view of the marina from the nearby bridge, it's not very big but we've always been able to get a slip
Of course, it all depends upon the weather but the outlook is for calm weather for the rest of the week. If that holds, then we're rushing north. The stay here has been very reasonable at $0.75/ft with every fourth day free if you join their cruising club. The membership fee varies by boat length, I pay $75 for Fleetwing. It's good for one year.

The other great convenience here is the Enterprise office about 100 ft away and their $10/day weekend rate which we just took advantage of. However, it's time to go and Tuesday is our day for departure.