Saturday, May 20, 2017

Chesapeake City - at anchor (oops, forgot to hit publish button last night)

There are only two of us here tonight
We continue our anchoring out leg of our trip north by anchoring at Chesapeake City. We used to see a dozen boats in here but the shoaling has scared many away. We are only one of two boats here tonight. The anchorage continues to offer outstanding protection from all directions with good depths around 10 MLW.

Here's the reason there's even 4 ft at MLW, note the number "6" at the bottom left. He keeps the 4 MLW channel open
However, the reason it's less used than in the past is the shoaling at the entrance. You have to hug the bulkhead on the way in for 5.5 MLW and then make a sharp turn to port when you line up with the two ACOE boats and you'll encounter down to 4 MLW for about 200 ft before it deepens into the anchorage where you find 10 MLW. Just play the tides if you want to come it and enjoy a very peaceful and protected anchorage for the night.

The problem I'm told are the barges that come by in the canal and wash in silt into the entrance. The anchorage itself to the east of the entrance is not affected. The connection channel by the two ACOE boats is affected with only 4 MLW. We only draw 4 ft 9 in so with a 1 ft tide, we're fine.

There's a very nice park on the eastern end of the anchorage, great for walking Hoolie
We are waiting out weather for our trip down the Delaware Bay. It now looks like Monday will be okay for a trip to Cohansey at anchor and then on to Cape May for another anchorage before leaving for Atlantic City the next day where we'll take a dock at $1.50/ft. Of course, the weather may (will!) change so plans are preliminary at  best.